Caught between a rock and a hard place

Eto ang aking tugon sa blog ni kasamang Ramon Parica. (

Sa scenario na yan, makikita natin ang vulnerabilities ng ating bansa dahil sa sistemang minana na natin sa mga dati nating mga pangulo. Kung magmamasid tayo at mananaliksik, makikita natin na dahil sa atrasadong mga priyoridad nila, nahirapan na tayong i-assert ang ating “political will” especially sa sensitive cases like territorial claims. Not to mention ang mga domestic issues na matagal na dapat natugonan ng ating bansa.

Uugatin ko ito matapos ang ikalawang digmaang pandaigdig. July 4, 1946, the United States “granted” us full control over our territorial jurisdiction. Bunga ito ng Tydings-Mcduffie Act prior ng WWII. As adviser daw, tuturuan daw tayo ng governance hanggang ready na tayo. Ngunit hindi naman lahat ng bagay ay ganung kadali lang; With conditions siyempre kaya we are taught that the US style of governance is the best style for our country. Sa economics, ganun dun. Dapat daw, we are suppose to open our market and resource to the Americans. Free market kasi eh, neo-liberal. Hence our 1:1 ratio of Philippine Peso to US dollars nung mid-20th century para madali ma-consume ang American products ng mga pinoy. Cold War din nung panahon na yun and being a little brown brother natin sa mga Kano, ang ating foreign policy ay nakatuon sa pagsuporta sa Estados Unidos mapa-ekonomiya at mapa- pulitika at mapa-militar. Kaya nga may American bases sa Philippines nuon for the purpose of stopping and isolating the communist China and USSR and demonstrating their strength in the Asia-Pacific region. Also, to assist the Philippines in its own effort to stop the spread of communists in the countryside; counter-insurgency baga. We received generous military aids from the US due to our subservience to their policy.

Due to that symbiotic relationship, the Philippines got the impression that the US will always come to the rescue of the Philippines. After the Iron Wall collapsed, so is the Soviet Union. Cold war ended and the US’ stay in our country was not renewed. China’s economy grew after the death of Mao. It had a steady growth of economy after Deng Xiao Ping’s economic reforms. At the end of the Cold War, it is already capable of developing its military so it can flex its muscles in asserting its claims especially in Spratlys. The Philippines on the other hand still continued to use the American formula of political-economy. It continued to liberalize its economy at the sake of national sovereignty. Where China succeeded, the Philippines failed. The Philippines continued its military formula to political problems. Counter-insurgency conflicts siphoned our country’s coffers. Corruption plundered millions of pesos, funds that could hopefully be used for education, health service, infrastructures, housing, food, national security.

Due to mismanagement cause by the usage of wrong political and economic models, here we are now. We are not able to take a firm stand except on diplomatic means. Like Ramon said, diplomacy still is the best way. But due to this kind of scenario where incursions and bullying happens in the Spratlys, we as a state cannot flex its muscles because we don’t have any muscles at all. We still continue to rely on the US despite its recent statement that it will not meddle into the South East Asia problem. Of course, The “Tuwid na Daan” slogan is a very late because we should have done that long ago. The only bullet left I guess is where the US will come into the picture, WITH CONDITIONS! And for sure, it will reaffirm our place into this international political economic arena as a lapdog of the hegemonic America.


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