I (hope I will) Survive UP

Just want to share a fine news article from rappler.com. For those who bash students who commit suicide due to none payment of tuition fee, please, before you judge those people, please take time to look at the ‘ordeal’ of UP and even SUC students go through just to finish education. The author was able to surpass all those BUT also bear in mind that NOT all students have the same demeanor as hers.

This article serves also as my inspiration since yours truly will tread the same path as all SUC students went through (scared shitless, yet hopeful and excited as the same time).  Without further a do… read up!

I survived UP http://bit.ly/Zo2CZg


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Human rights defender and educator. Blogger wannabe. Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend, Comrade, Servant.
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